Top crypto projects lack proper marketing, report finds

– A report by Guerrilla Buzz analyzed the marketing strategies of the top 1000 crypto projects.
– The report found that over one-third of the projects have not published new articles on their websites in 2023.
– The report also highlights the reliance of crypto projects on the Medium platform for blogging.


A recent report by Guerrilla Buzz analyzed the marketing tactics of the top 1000 crypto projects and their impact on growth. As the crypto market becomes increasingly competitive, marketing and public relations strategies are crucial for success.

Medium Reliance

The report highlighted that 84.8% of the top 1000 crypto projects host their blogs on Medium. While Medium’s user-friendly interface made it an ideal platform during the ICO boom, companies may be unintentionally contributing to Medium’s traffic and growth rather than their own. The report questions whether crypto companies will shift their focus to long-term marketing strategies and develop their online presence beyond Medium.

Content Marketing

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for crypto companies to attract serious investors and withstand market fluctuations. However, the report recognizes that content marketing in the crypto sphere remains ambiguous. It stresses the importance of strategic marketing investments to enhance resilience in a fast-paced and evolving industry.

Silent Projects

The report found that 35.8% of the top 1000 crypto projects have gone silent, with no new articles on their websites in 2023. The report suggests that active blogging and marketing play a vital role in engaging investors and building trust. It emphasizes the importance of consistent communication methods that showcase organizational progress and insights.


The report’s findings imply that many crypto projects lack proper marketing strategies that could hinder growth in an increasingly competitive market. While relying on user-friendly platforms like Medium, companies may not be developing their own online presence and marketing approaches for long-term success. Effective communication and content marketing are crucial for building investor trust, attracting capital, and promoting growth in the crypto industry.